How to Draw A Barn Owl

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Hello again — today at the moment we’re going to learn how to draw a barn owl. These owls are common and could be fun to draw. The difficulty of this drawing tutorial is easy, so don’t put so much stress on yourself. Why not just relax and enjoy drawing a simple animal for once. I also happen to know how to call a barn owl myself. That is, if you call it calling a barn owl. I call it more like making the owl itself respond back to you. Why would you want to draw so? Because you want to have fun :D So what do we do or need to learn to draw a barn owl. If you deeply think about it, not much unless your looking forward in drawing a realistic barn owl which one of the drawing tutorials show which is the YouTube version. The other tutorial is more for armatures.

Now all that being said, let’s REALLY learn how to draw a barn owl. Drawing a barn owl takes practice and like most of us we want to limit the amount of practicing, which I can’t solve but can say practice makes perfect. Moving on we find ourselves in a nutshell of confusion and questions. Mostly the questions pop into your head and tells your body why, where, how, and when. What I mean is, looking at the owl and you wanting to draw it leads to your mind filling itself with questions that need to be answered as soon as possible. Try understanding where I’m going with this because it does come in handy. What I could share in description really is something called “Tips.” We get tips everywhere and most of them don’t work. However, my tips are never used in a wrong direction and are never used in an improper way. So the first tip I would share is the element form. As I promised in my first drawing tutorial, I’ll use one unique element on each individual drawing tutorial here on this website. So the element that we’re focusing on is form. Form usually means an actual form of art like a sculpture for example. Form is also used as 3D drawings or sculptures themselves. Anything that makes art pop out is form. So let’s learn how to draw a barn owl with the form element.

When using form for drawing a barn owl, you got to make the owl look 3Dementional or give it some correct proportion. 3Demention is all about proportion. Drawing an object on a correct direction and looks correct as well, is 3Dementional. Shade some detail in the feathers, shade the beak, shade the eyes, and just basically shade everything that’s NECESSARY. Other than that, I want to show you a drawing video from YouTube. It teaches you how to draw a barn owl and I think you’ll enjoy it. Once again, enjoy :)

Enjoyed the drawing video? If not, I also want to share an actual drawing tutorial — tips included!. It’s an amazing drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw a simple barn owl. It’s fantastic, so I uploaded the drawing images as one drawing tutorial, so if the image is too small, visit the actual drawing tutorial at the website to get bigger images here: How to Draw A Barn Owl. Enjoy!

How to Draw A Barn Owl

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      Thank and I will upload a drawing video on drawing owls. The problem is, WordPress doesn’t let you upload videos, so I have to upload it on YouTube and then embed it. Time is tight in my life. I’ll find the time to make one. Promise!


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