How to Draw An Owl

First drawing tutorial on our website — how to draw an owl. Simply easy and also fun at the same time. Drawing an owl isn’t as boring as you think; of course your visiting a website that teaches you how to draw them so you must think of it as boring. This is going to be the best drawing tutorial that you’ve ever seen on the website; a drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw an owl of course. So were do we begin exactly? We begin with a simple step — drawing the shapes. The shapes are everything when your dealing with art. Shapes is what builds the drawing itself. Most of art is made with the step of form. You can find information on that here: Sketch Pencil. Read that article and you’ll understand all the steps in art. Those steps of art, as I call it, are called elements of art. Every artist knows the elements of art, such as yourself hopefully. Artists use the elements and manipulate them into action. There are many elements and shape is one of them, and in this drawing tutorial, we’ll focus more on shapes. So what do we do when we’re using shapes? Draw the shapes that you see. What do I mean by that? What I mean is: draw every shape that you see, your visual that is, and keep doing so. Practice makes better, so be sure to keep practicing that technique. I’ll be showing you each element on each drawing tutorial. To find the certain element, click on a tag on the sidebar. Each tag is labeled as an element that’s used on a drawing tutorial. I’m going to make this a little more easier for you by sharing a drawing video from YouTube. After watching the video, I have something else to share as well. Enjoy both drawing tutorials ;)

Like I promised, there’s another drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw an owl. It’s a great drawing tutorial from a drawing website called Dragoart here: How to Draw An Owl. Enjoy!

How to Draw An Owl

9 thoughts on “How to Draw An Owl

  1. Kaiya Gillmore

    I came onto this website to learn how to draw a realistic owl. I am very Mad now because i think you should teach how to draw a realistic owl. Thank you for taking the time reading this. Think about doing a realistic owl next time, even if your cartoon owl is very cute, it is not realistic at all.


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